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How to find your serial number and model number?

Select your product group and study the diagrams below to discover the location of your serial numbers, part numbers, and model numbers.
If you cannot find the part number of system configuration, you can still confirm it by searching using the serial number.

  • Rackmount System

    1. CTOS number: At Front Side
    2. P/N & S/N: At Right Side
  • Compact PC

    1. P/N & S/N: At Bottom Side
  • Panel PC & All-in-one

    1. P/N & S/N: At Rear IO Side
  • Fanless PC

    1. P/N & S/N: At Bottom Side
  • POS & Tablet

    1. P/N & S/N: At Rear Side
  • Panel & Monitor

    1. P/N & S/N: At Rear IO Side
  • Boards & Cards

    1. S/N: At Rear Side
  • IO Device & Comm.

    1. P/N & S/N: At Rear IO Side
  • Peripheral & Module