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4 Ways Kiosks Can Enhance Customer Experience


Reputation and experience are intertwined, with one constantly driving the other. Stores with stellar reputations tend to deliver an outstanding customer experience. 

The emergence of self-service kiosks created opportunities for retailers to further advance the consumer experience, especially as the technology became more commonplace and as people became more proficient at using the solutions. Bringing kiosks into the sales fold is critical, as nearly 70 percent of customers say in-store messages sway their decisions, according to studies by Nielson Media Research. 

The changing marketplace has enabled consumers to largely create and control their in-store shopping experience through technology. But staff members still play vital roles in ensuring a smooth experience.

“In many cases, they act as facilitators and help guide and resolve issues that might surface with the kiosk,” said Sarah Yang, Product Manager for Advantech, a leader in innovative embedded and automation products and solutions. “Their roles are no less important than it has been in the past, only different as dictated by the times.

”Successful retailers have recognized and embraced the evolving marketplace and developed strategies focused on meeting consumer demand and expectations with kiosks as a focal point. Here are four ways self-service kiosks are contributing to improving consumer experience while bolstering store reputations.