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Demonstrations Integrated Operating Room Solutions at Medica 2019


Why contribute to OR digitalization?
According to INTER’s International Sales Manager Piëtte Hoogendoorn: “The increased complexity of surgical procedures, several factors including the use of diverse imaging sources, lack of surgical technique storage systems and external communication difficulties are reducing the efficiency of operating room workflows”.
Piëtte continues: “Therefore digital operating rooms through video-over-IP are now rapidly incorporated in hospitals worldwide. There is no turning back. We feel that with our expertise and our software solutions, we can help hospitals and System Integrators abroad in this complex process of OR digitalization. We invite them to join us in taking the first step. As a Dutch pioneer in OR digitalization products, INTER has already paved the way. During this journey we have explored, encountered and undergone the necessary, and with this experience we aim to clear the path of any obstacles. We will support System Integrators and hospital abroad wherever needed with our knowledge, experience and trainings”.

OR software platform ORflow
INTER offers to international system integrators the ORflow platform including ORflow video switching and iMAS essentials modules for recording and streaming. “ORflow and iMAS are the best-fit solutions to meet new developments, changing needs and requirements hospitals are facing today. The modular-based platform is scalable, ready-to-use and flexible. In addition, it is constantly being expanded with new functionalities and elements”, Piëtte Hoogendoorn explains.

What these solutions bring to an OR-team:

  • ORflow video switching: ensures an intuitive interface for the routing, reviewing and sharing of medical images and videos on the monitors inside the OR and beyond.
  • iMAS essentials for recording and streaming: provides optimized storage of images and videos, simple findability and sustainable long-term image management. Images and recordings can be directly saved in a patient’s medical record. To adequately set up long-term massive storage, INTER offers a sustainable storage solution.

Benefits of an integrated OR 
ORflow video switching and iMAS essentials for recording and streaming can be centralized into ONE user interface on the OR, so in one view all information is visible and all actions are controllable for the whole OR-team. iMAS essentials shares all statuses, patient and study information with ORflow, and ORflow shows the recording status of all screens in combination with the AVAS platform of INTER’s partner Advantech iHealthcare. As an example, overlays with real time iMAS feedbacks are visible on the Advantech PAX screens in the medical field. During surgery, the doctor can in real-time see the status of taking photos and tagging critical video fragments.

Reference case 
In 26 operating rooms of the Erasmus MC, the largest university Hospital in the Netherlands, Advantech and INTER have already implemented video streaming solutions involving INTER’s ORflow in combination with Advantech's surgical monitors and AVAS, capable of up to 4K UHD zero-latency streaming and switching with mouse- and touch-thru.

Live demonstrations on show
Piëtte Hoogendoorn comments: “If Medica visitors wish to learn more about the advantages of working in a digital operating room. Come to our booth for live-demonstrations of our ORflow and iMAS solutions in Hall 9 on booth A74. Visitors wishing to make an appointment in advance, please request a demo here.

Smart Hospital Webinars
 “Also register for our Smart Hospital Webinars, developed in cooperation with our partner Advantech iHealthcare and their other partners, Alphatron Medical, BeWell Innovations and Softgent. Our Smart Hospital Webinars allow you to get in advance an in-depth view of all OR solutions. Make an appointment with INTER or Advantech to receive a voucher for FREE entry to the MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf. Register for the webinars and have a look at the 2nd video The Digital Operating Room”, according Piëtte Hoogendoorn.
Event Page Inter @ Medica 2019  and  Smart Hospital Webinars                                                    


In nearly half a century, INTER evolved from an AV distributor to a leading system integrator and (IT) process consultant. Both in our domestic Dutch market and in the international playing field. Our solutions contribute on a daily basis to the ability of its users to make better decisions in complex and critical environments by having instant access to information that is optimally presented to them. With a passion for technology, we create innovative solutions. These solutions contribute to process optimisation for our customers. Over half of our 100 staff members focus on system development, concept development, software engineering, installation and servicing the needs of our customers.