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Advantech on Embedded-AI conference


Advantech solutions

This event is unfortunately over, but don't hesitate to find out more from: https://www.advantech.eu.

Embedded-AI conference 25 November 2021

Organized by L'Embarque, the Embedded-AI is a hybrid conference for those, who want to learn about the major trends in embedded AI, technologies already implemented, hardware architectures, learning, software approaches, specialized circuits, development tools, and use cases. Come and meet the key players of the field!

Advantech & BrainCreators Keynote: The AI-Ecosystem

Join at 10:15 CET our keynote session with Maurice van der Aa, Senior PSM & Solution Architect at Advantech Europe, co-presented by Jasper Wognum, CEO of one of our ISVs, BrainCreators, to discover what an AI eco-system means, what benefits it can bring your organization and how it can accelerate your business outcomes.

BrainCreators: Digital Inspection Demo 

Join at 14:00 CET Gerbert Kaandorp, BrainCreators Co-founder and CTO, who will demonstrate the Inspech Digital road inspector. On the back of this demo, Gerbert will explain the AI pipelines powering Inspech and how the same architecture can be used for other digital inspectors in the smart cities and infrastructure domains.

Visit our booth

Feel invited to visit our booth on Embedded-AI conference on 25 November, 2021 in La Rochefoucauld space, Paris, France.We will be pleased to showcase you several Advantech products, including:

  • MIC-710AIL Jetson Nano based AI Inference box PC 
  • MIC-710AIX Jetson Xavier NX based AI Inference box PC
  • MIC-730AI Jetson Xavier AGX AI Inference Box PC
  • MIC-75M20 iModule 

Find us in Paris

Feel invited to visit our booth on Embedded-AI conference on 25 November, 2021 in La Rochefoucauld space, Paris, France. We will be pleased to showcase you several Advantech products.

11, rue de La Rochefoucauld, 
75009 Paris,

Contact us & meet:
Stephane Blanc
France Sales Manager, Advantech

Maurice van der Aa
Senior PSM & Solution Architect, Advantech Europe

Click here to register: https://embedded-ia.com/

Co-Creation & Partnerships

With the connection of hardware and software, Advantech launced in 2018 new business strategy "Co-Creation" which applies to the whole of Advantech’s business, not just transport. We are open to potential acquisitions and merger of opportunities with software companies, looking for new partnerships between us and smaller, local companies and startups. These can help to boost our strengths in hardware, strenghten software or specific fields in the railway sector, and at the end of the day - gain more products, technologies and customers. The overarching strategy is more about growing our business organically. We are working in the customer market so it’s important to bear in mind that everything we are talking about today is not for the business we currently have, but maybe for two years down the line.