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【New Product Announcement】TREK-674 In-Vehicle Computing System Provides a Comprehensive Fleet Management and Video Surveillance Solution


Taipei, Taiwan, November 19th, 2014– Advantech-DLoG, a leading mobile computing platform provider, is pleased to announce the release of TREK-674, a compact in-vehicle, dual-core computing box aimed at fleet management and vehicle surveillance applications. Equipped with a 1.75 GHz Intel® Atom™ E3827 dual-core processor, TREK-674 delivers excellent performance for a variety of tasks. The embedded Stretch S7 video encoding chip supports up to eight analog camera input channels for high-quality video surveillance, and extensive built-in RF features, including GPS with AGPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPRS/CDMA/HSDPA+/LTE technology, facilitate real-time communication, vehicle tracking and positioning, and vehicle data collection. Integratedwith an MRM SDK software package, TREK-674 is a robust and highly customizable computing platform that provides the ideal in-vehicle solution for law enforcement agencies, emergency services, and public transportation. Furthermore, compliant with MIL-STD-810G and 5M3 specifications for shock/vibration resistance and featuring a wide operating temperature range (-30 ~ 70 °C), TREK-674 is designed to enable superior vehicle diagnostics monitoring in a range of remote and challenging environments.

Key Features

• Intel® Atom™ E3827 dual-core processor (1.75 GHz) with WES7 / WE8S / Fedora 18 Remix OS support
• Embedded Stretch S7 video encoder, supports up to eight analog video input channels andfour audio input channels
• External accessible SSD tray with key-lock protection
• Vehicle diagnostics interface that supports the configurable CAN (J1939, OBD-II/ISO-15765) and J1708 (J1587) protocols
• Built-in GNSS, WLAN, Bluetooth, and WWAN modules (with dual SIM card slots)
• Rugged design for harsh in-vehicle environments - Wide operating temperature (-30 ~ 70 °C), compatible with 12/24 V vehicle power (ISO-7637-2), and shock/vibration tolerant (MIL-STD-810G and 5M3)


Designed for In-Vehicle Applications

Advantech’s compact dual-core computing box TREK-674 is powered by a 1.75 GHz Intel® Atom™ E3827 dual-core processor with up to 4GB of DDR3L memory. Specifically designed for in-vehicle applications, TREK-674 complies with the MIL-STD-810G and 5M3 specifications for shock/vibration resistance and can operates in a wide temperature range (-30 ~ 70 °C) to ensure reliable operation in a range of challenging environments. The system design is compatible with 12/24 V vehicle power, supports a wide DC 9 ~ 32 V power input range, and satisfies ISO 7637-2 and SAE J1113 standards. CFast, USB 3.0, and dual SIM card slots are located on the front of the device ensure convenient access and easy maintenance, and the inclusion of a swappable 2.5" SSD tray with key-lock protection ensures hassle-free video data backups. Compared to the M12 solution, TREK-674 also features a more economical LAN port locking mechanism that supports standard RJ45 and LAN cables.
TREK-674 can be easily paired with TREK-303/306 in-vehicle smart displays via a single-cable connection. The power button on the in-vehicle smart displays can be set to control both the display device and the TREK-674 in-vehicle computing box. Additionally, both TREK-303 and TREK-306 are equipped with an embedded light sensor for auto-dimming functionality, and the five physical function keys located on the front ofthe displays are user programmable. Drivers can use these in-vehicle smart displays to access and review stored data, enhancing their situational control and awareness, which ultimately increases the safety of both thedriver and passengers.

Combines Fleet Management and In-Vehicle Surveillance

Using industrial-grade components, TREK-674 combines multiple fleet management and in-vehicle surveillance functions, such as vehicle diagnostics monitoring, driver management, health and safety management, and real-time communication, into a compact, easy-to-use, fanless vehicle monitoring system. An embedded Stretch S7 video encoding chip supports up to eight analogue cameras input channels for high-quality H.264 D1/30fps/ch video recording, thereby reducing the overall CPU load. The vehicle diagnostics interface (dual CAN Bus) and embedded CANcontroller support several configurable protocols, such as Raw CAN, J1939, and OBD-II for better driver behavior management. Built-in RF features including GPS with AGPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPRS/CDMA/HSDPA/LTE technology enable vehicle tracking and positioning, as well as real-time data transmissions and seamless communication via WWAN roaming.

Equipped with MRM SDK Software Packages

To enable system integrators to customize software application programs according to their needs, TREK-674 is equipped with MRM SDK (Mobile Resource Management Software Development Kit). MRM SDK is a software API layer that sits between user applications and the operating system and provides programmatic access to all hardware interfaces and modules inside TREK-674, such as the power management, modules enable/disable, digital input/output control, brightness control, and hotkey function, thereby eliminating the complex programming typically required to initiate low-level system commands. Using the MRM SDK package, customers can more efficiently develop application programs, evaluate platform performance, add peripheral accessories, and provide post-installation maintenance support. MRM SDK enables fleet managers to encode, preview, and stream video data to a back-end server for monitoring and subsequent analysis.

In the past, system integrators needed to program complex system-to-device driver instructions in order to communicate with the hardware layer. Now, they can use MRM SDK to interact with the hardware directly, reducing the system development time and easing product deployment. Furthermore, using the key system information and parameter data captured, user applications can be configured to respond tospecific event triggers. Thus, operations can be optimized to ultimately enhance productivity and efficiency.

The TREK-674 in-vehicle surveillance box is available for order now. For more information regarding TREK-674 or other Advantech products and services, please contact your local sales support or visit our website at: www.advantech-dlog.com