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Intel, Advantech Jointly Create a Future Paradise for Intelligent Edge


Photos provided by Intel  Interview with Dr. Wei Chen, Vice President and General Manager of Video Safety & Security Business and IoTG China, Intel

The integration of edge computing, AI, and 5G technologies will accelerate the development of Intelligent Edge, a market that is estimated to exceed 65 billion USD by 2025. Dr. Wei Chen, Vice President and General Manager of Video Safety & Security Business and IoTG China at Intel, indicated that seizing this huge market opportunity requires product leadership, innovative solution promotion, and ecosystem development to accelerate establishing innovative intelligent edge business models that help industries incorporate AIoT applications sooner. 

Intel provides various hardware products for the intelligent edge, including CPUs, FPGAs, Movidius VPUs and GPUs. This provides customers flexible processors based on actual needs. Remarkably, Intel recently launched its first Alder Lake CPU, which heralds a “significant breakthrough in x86 architecture” as it combines both high-performance and high-efficiency CPU cores into a single product. Intel has also developed the OpenVINO toolkit, which supports both traditional computer vision and novel deep learning technologies, making it easier for vision application development. They have also introduced the edge-oriented Intel® DevCloud for the edge, enabling developers to test applications on multiple AI hardware platforms on the cloud and then select the most cost-effective solution.

Building ecosystems has always been a part of Intel’s DNA, Intel has enlisted more than 300 partners worldwide to collaborate in developing edge computing solutions. “Intel’s edge ecosystem includes system integrators, ISVs, hardware manufacturers, IoT solution developers, and other roles, and Advantech is one of our most important partners” Dr. Wei Chen noted. 

Intel and Advantech have been cooperating for more than 30 years. Both parties recently recognized a trend emerging in edge computing and have quickly joined hands to innovate intelligent edge solutions. So far, they have jointly launched AI acceleration cards and an inference system based on Movidius VPU, the Edge AI Suite with the Intel OpenVINO toolkit, which can cooperate on DevCloud, helping developers accelerate edge AI solution development in different industries.

In promoting the implementation of AI and IoT applications, Advantech continues to achieve breakthroughs, providing software and hardware products and services for IoT cloud platforms. Both companies have also developed “LEGOlike” modular software/hardware solutions that enable quick replication, making it easier to implement IoT applications across vertical industries. Sharing the same approach to promote intelligent edge, Intel and Advantech plan to continue their collaboration in making it more adaptable in more industries.