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[How-to Article] Getting Started with ROS on Yocto



ROS is a set of software libraries and utilities that help users build robotic applications. ROS is designed for Ubuntu and is primarily tested on Ubuntu. Consequently, it is fully tested with the specific Ubuntu versions. Users can install and run ROS on any Unix-based platform. Questions or problems may arise when integrating certain solutions. These issues are usually related to compatibility or the lack of compatible versions in some libraries. The best way to ensure success is to use the right version of Ubuntu as recommended by the ROS and ROS2 Distribution, or to use fully-tested ROS on specific hardware and products provided by a hardware vendor. Both methods ensure that the ROS infrastructure runs smoothly.

Users who are familiar with ROS development will discover that ROS integrates well within Ubuntu systems. This is because ROS is widely used for the development of robotic solutions on Ubuntu x86 architecture. Conversely, arm-based platforms usually provide embedded Linux — like Yocto OS — as default, and since embedded Linux is famous for providing a framework that enables end users to design their own OS from building blocks, it is more difficult to install and develop with ROS platforms. Advantech’s BSP is fully-integrated with ROS. ROS developers can focus on developing the ROS applications and spend their efforts designing low power consumption robotic solutions without struggle and/or confusion. This will further help reduce the costs of arm-based platform development and the associated trouble.

Getting Started with ROS on Yocto

Understanding the usage of ROS/ROS2 is essential in robotics. Accordingly, Advantech integrates ROS into the BSP of our arm-based computing platforms in an effort to quicken robotic development. Doing so enables ROS developers to concentrate on developing energy-efficient robotics applications with ease.

If you want to know how to install ROS on Yocto, take a look at our "How-To" technical article: Getting Started ROS on Yocto. Or, join the conversation and discuss Arm-based computing solutions in our AIM-Linux Community.