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Reliable Intelligent Solution for Logistics - Faster and Precise Delivery for Online Shopping


With the popularization of the Internet, more and more people choose to use online shopping. The increasing domestic demand requires a huge supply chain, so efficient logistics systems will be crucial to the success of online shopping, and intelligent devices will play an increasing role in expanding shipping bandwidth and improving customer services.


Facing massive online business orders, customers realized they had to change the way they used to fulfill all delivery requirements. Labor costs and resource needed to be carefully managed and a new intelligent logistics business model needed to be introduced — supplementing the workforce with intelligent devices, so total control and monitoring can be enabled through the implementation of a cloud service.


Advantech offered various solutions to meet the customer’s requirements. This included a UBC-220, Arm-based low power box computer, in each truck, and a ROM-3420 high performance fanless computer-on-module in each intelligent parcel and dispatch center for shipment dispatch, control, and tracking log data storage.

Reliable Intelligent Solution for Logistics

All trucks, transfer posts and dispatch centers are connected to Advantech DeviceOn with wireless monitoring, especially the in-vehicle solution UBC-220, powered by a Arm-based SoC, which is a cost-effective, reliable and power-saving hardware platform to accomplish 24/7 transportation monitoring. With add-on GPS and LTE module, it connects to the cloud and obtains real-time traffic information, and gets the best routes from the cloud which saves the time and fuel costs— benefitting both users and the environment. Plus, the implementation of EDR and wireless sensors improve security and the logistics flow is now much more accurate and dependable.

Effective Data Mining and Information Analysis

All data generated during transaction, including the information of the online shoppers and the sellers, the content of the shipments, the shipping methods and the routes, all go back to the cloud, and through an effective data mining analyzer, can be reused in many different ways. Advantech offers UBC-220 as the data collector and I/O manager, which is an ultra-low-power embedded gateway powered by a high efficient NXP i.MX6 Dual-Lite SoC. It’s totally fanless and its modular design makes it flexible enough to implement any additional I/O demand. The high computing capability helps analyze and processes the data, transfers it into valuable information and synchronizes it to the cloud database. ROM-3420 empowers intelligent logistic solutions and changes our lives.

AIM-Linux Add-Ons

Advantech provides eight types of App Add-Ons and SDKs to cover most of the demands of Embedded Software Usage in Industrial Scenarios and accelerate your software development, such as complete diagnostic utilities of RF, connectivity, system information and integrated protocols transition service for embedded applications.


  • NXP i.MX6 Dual Lite 1GHz
  • 1GB DDR3/ 4GB eMMC Flash Memory
  • Support dual independent display by 24-bit LVDS and HDMI
  • GPS/LTE/WiFi module compatible