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Industrial Cat. NB1/Cat. M1 Wireless I/O Module

NB-IoT is a new wireless communication technology with low power consumption in wide area networks. It is an international standard defined by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). NB-IoT feature low power consumption and remote transmission and can be constructed directly on LTE networks based on licensed spectrum bands. WISE-4471 Series is a 4G cellular based IoT wireless sensor node compliant with LTE Cat. NB1 and Cat. M1 with built in antenna for flexible installation. In addit

Wireless IoT Sensors with Modularized Design

  • WISE-4000 wireless I/O modules leverage Wireless Ethernet and Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) technology to provide sensor-integrated nodes, IP65-rated nodes, and solar-rechargeable nodes for building IoT and Big Data Technology environments.

Modularized I/O, Communications, and Sensors 

  • Customization guidelines to tailor specific I/O combinations based on the usage scenario.

Designed for Harsh/Outdoor Environments

  • WISE-4600 series featuring IP65 with protection against dust, oil, and water with rechargeable lithium batteries for harsh industrial environments.


  • The WISE-4000 series supports multiple IoT communication protocols, such as MQTT, CoAP, or RESTful API for WEB use; allowing terminal sensor data to be passed directly to the cloud to reduce system construction costs for individual sites.
  • Local Data Storage

    • Reduce communication time and bandwidth

    Plug-and-Play Functionality

    • Eliminates time-consuming configuration
    • Resume Breakpoint

      • Ensures connectivity and data retention

    Edge Management with Cloud Integration

    Status in Real Time

    • Cloud connectivity enables automatic equipment status monitoring in real time

    Manage Remotely

    • Central management of environmental and equipment information at remote sites via a cloud platform

    Predictive Maintenance

    • Performance prediction tools on the cloud platform help identify problems early 

    Wireless Communication

    • Advancements in IoT have led to the development of many wireless technologies that can be implemented in various hardware products. The WISE-4000 utilizes WiFi, Cat. NB1, Cat. M1 and LoRa/LoRaWAN to meet specific wireless communication requirements.

    Wireless Ethernet Architecture

    • Simplest interface for IoT applications: easy integration with existing data and/or web servers

    LPWAN Architecture

    • Applications requiring low-volume, long-range data transmission with a long battery life, minimal cost, and low levels of interference

    Product List

    • WISE-4471

      Промышленный беспроводной модуль ввода/вывода Cat. NB1/Cat. M1

    • WISE-S214

      4AI/4DI Wireless Modular I/O

    • WISE-S250

      Модуль ввода/вывода с 6 каналами дискретного ввода, 2 каналами дискретного вывода, 1RS-485

    • WISE-S251

      Модуль ввода/вывода с 6 каналами дискретного входа с RS-485

    • WISE-S472

      Модуль ввода-вывода с 1-канальным дискретным входом с двумя RS-485 интерфейсами и разъемами М12

    • WISE-4671

      Cat. NB1 и Cat. M1 - это новые беспроводные технологии, включенные в эволюцию стандартов сотовой связи 5G, определенных 3GPP.

    • WISE-S614

      Устройство с 4 каналами аналогового ввода и 4 каналами дискретного ввода с разъемом M12

    • WISE-S672

      устройство с 6-канальным дискретным входом с двумя RS-485 интерфейсами или RS-232 & M12

    • WISE-S614T

      4AI/4DI Wireless Modular I/O

    • WISE-S615

      4 RTD Wireless Modular I/O with M12 Connectors

    • WISE-S615T

      4 RTD Wireless Modular I/O with M12 Connectors

    • WISE-S617

      2AI/2DI/1DO Wireless Modular I/O with 1RS-485 & M12 Connectors

    • WISE-S617T

      2AI/2DI/1DO Wireless Modular I/O with 1RS-485