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Gaming Platforms

Advantech Gaming Platforms integrate industrial computer boards / systems specifically designed for gaming machines with embedded software and gaming specific software such as arcade games and multiplayer games. Advantech-Innocore's GMB, AIMB and SOM series provide a series of Mini-ITX, micro-ATX, PICO-ITX and module formats (COM Express, Q7, MIO) from entry level, low power to very high performance level products. We also have chassis and carrier boards available.

Product Categories

  • Standalone (S Series)

    Standalone (S Series), supporting Intel core series and AMD, are highly integrated motherboards for gaming that feature unrivaled performance.

  • Multimedia Modular (M-Series)

    M series provide high performance, gaming optimized motherboards with various options for modular expansion for different levels of IO, security, COMS

  • Economy (E Series)

    The DPX®-E Series products are complete industrial computer systems offering performance at a very cost effective price point. A full feature set of I/Os and COMs designed specifically for gaming devices is also included. The E-Series products are ideal integrated platforms for many gaming, amusement, and kiosk applications. The gaming functions share the same API as the other DPX®- series boards, making it easy to port application code and leverage the different price and performance points ac

  • ConnectBus® (C Series)

    The DPX®-C Series products are high performance gaming platforms with a backplane architecture. All cable harnessing is attached to the backplane and the motherboard plugs into the ba