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Универсальные сенсорные ПК

Product Categories

  • UTC-100 Series

    Advantech UTC-100 series all-in-one touch computer

  • UTC-200 Series

    Advantech UTC-200 series fanless open-frame panel PC is available in 10.1-, 15.6-, 21.5-, 31.5- and 42.5-inch sizes. Equipped with latest Intel� processor, UTC-200 series supports all types of applications, such as self-service terminals, digital signage, self-service kiosks, and equipment control terminals.

  • UTC-300 Series

    The Advantech UTC-300 series all-in-one computer features a signature plastic exterior and a compact system design, providing a lightweight AiO solution for applications in diverse environments. Powered by an Intel® Celeron®/Core™ processor that supports Android, Windows, and Linux OS, the UTC-300 series AiO not only delivers superior computing performance, but also supports a wide range of applications.

  • UTC-500 Series

    UTC-500 series all-in-one touch computer is available in 10.1-, 15.6-, 21.5-, 32- and 42-inch sizes. It is powered by a fourth-generation Intel® processor and equipped with fanless system to deliver high-performance computing in a compact size. The industrial-grade reliability, extendable functionality, multiple OS support, and flexible mounting options make it an ideal AiO terminal for all types of applications for in-store interaction, point of sale, self-service, wayfinding, corporate and ho

  • UTC Tough Series

    UTC Tough Series features a full IP65-rated corrosion-resistant stainless steel enclosure for harsh environments and demanding applications.

  • UTC-700 Series

    Advantech UTC-700 series are all-in-one, self-service kiosks for a wide range of public service and commercial applications. Equipped with latest Intel® processor, UTC-700 series provides durable high-performance kiosk systems that can be flexibly configured for businesses that require tailored solutions.

  • UTC-600 Series

    Advantech UTK-600 series is a multi-purpose customer self-service kiosks to apply in various application. Designed with fanless system and the latest Intel� processor, UTC-600 series shows a high-performance kiosk system that can be easily utilized for business and commercial aim.

  • UTK-7000 Series

    Advantech's UTK-7000 is a smart, modular self-service kiosk system built with Advantech's UTC series touch computer

  • UTK-9000 Series

    Advantech UTK-9000 series are interactive self-service outdoor kiosks, and ODM requests or customization are available for a wind range of industries.

  • UTC-W101 Series

    Advantech's UTC-W101BF series all-in-one computer features a true-flat touchscreen and a compact system design to provide a stylish AiO solution for applications in diverse environments.

  • UTC Series Installation Accessories

    UTC Series Installation Accessories

  • UTC Series Peripherals

    Camera, MSR, Barcode Scanner, NFC, RFID, Smart Card Reader

  • UTK-3000 Series

    UTK-3000 Series is a compact & highly customizable kiosk aimed at a wide range of self-service applications.

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