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Advantech Intelligent Bus Solution with ADAS Enhances Driving Safety (EN)

Video | 11.30.2018
Front collision warning, blind spot detection, driver behavior management

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  • PWS-872 Rugged Tablet Enables Diverse Applications, Advantech(EN)

    Video 4.26.2018
    Built for diverse applications
  • 【Field Service】Fully Rugged Tablet Solution Ideal for Field Service Applications

    Case Studies 2016 Digital Logistics and Fleet Management Brochure | 7.22.2016
    Many companies recognize the influence that automation has on performance and profitability, and have automated their dispatch, inventory management, and paperwork operations with mobile computing devices. For use in the field, such devices must be rugged, able to withstand impacts and drops from ro...
  • 【Logistics】SPAR, Austria

    Case Studies By M.D. Wang with images provided by Advantech-DLoG and SPAR | 5.13.2016
    Advantech-DLoG with its professional expertise in this field helped build the required high quality in-vehicle management systems for SPAR.In the past, logistics companies had little control over vehicles in the field due to the lack of communication equipment, but as technology has developed we now...
  • Rugged Tablets as Portable HMIs for Manufacturing

    Case Studies Advantech | 5.3.2016
    Advantech’s portable HMI products are designed to assist mobile workers with conducting and managing factory onsite inspections. Equipped with the latest Intel® chipset and RF technology (WLAN, WWAN, and GPS), Advantech’s rugged tablets enable data to be transmitted and processed seamlessly, ensurin...
  • Global expertise for the automotive industry and suppliers

    Case Studies Advantech | 5.3.2016
    Advantech is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of high quality industrial computers. The automotive industry has been one of our most important core markets for many years. Because of this, we have a detailed knowledge and understanding of its highly complex logistics and produ...
  • Supply Chain Management in Automotive Industry

    Case Studies Advantech | 5.3.2016
    The automotive industry is not only one of the world’s most important economic sectors by revenue, it also takes up a leading role in terms of quality expectations, product variety and process complexity. Driven by globalization and increasing customer requirements, car manufacturers are forced to o...
  • 【Taxi】Intelligent Taxi Dispatch and Fleet Management Solution

    Case Studies Advantech | 3.7.2016
    Managing a taxi fleet of numerous vehicles that are geographically dispersed throughout a city can be extremely challenging. The back-end control center must consolidate dispatch, billing, and real-time location information to enable customer service staff to provide customers with accurate estimate...
  • 【Logistics】Optimized Logistics Drive Smart Fleets

    Case Studies CMS | 6.4.2014
    The application of an intelligent fleet can not only optimize cost control management for the logistics and transportation industry, but can also be applied to emergency services such as ambulance and fire services to improve the efficiency and execution of their tasks as well as ensuring the securi...
  • In-Vehicle Surveillance Solution

    Advantech's Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) solutions can apply in mobile resource management, in-vehicle surveillance, and fleet management applications. Mobile data terminal (MDT) is an in-vehicle computer allows mobile surveillance for tracking fleet owner's mobile resources and truck dispatching and management far more ...

  • Vehicle Mounted Computers

    Advantech Vehicle Mounted Computers provide industrial-grade computing solutions for Warehouse Management, Mining Management, and Port Management. They are served as Forklift Computers as well. The in-vehicle mounted computer family serves comprehensive data processing for Warehouse Management, Mining Management and Port ...
  • Industrial Tablet PC

    Advantech's Industrial Tablet PC family, PWS series, provide integrated mobile computing solutions and several rugged devices, including Semi-rugged Tablets and Rugged Tablets for Field Services. They are built with durability and stability; sustainable in the toughest environments. The entire series of rugged tablets are ...
  • Handheld Terminal

    Handheld Terminal