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Featured Post

SPS 2019 - Smart Production Solutions

Events | 6.11.2019
With its unique concept, SPS covers the entire spectrum of smart and digital automation – from simple sensors to intelligent solutions, from what is feasible today to the vision of a fully digitalized industrial world.

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  • Advantech @ SPS IPC Drives Italia 2019

    Video 6.8.2019
    Presenting Advantech's booth at SPS IPC Drives Italy 2019 - May 28-30, Parma (Italy)
  • The Power of Co-Creation: YCM Turns to Advantech to Co-Create a CNC Management Solution

    Case Studies casestudy-KC-iF-052019-AEU-YCM-CNC | 5.2.2019
    Metal manufacturing industries have faced countless challenges in recent years. China is no exception to the challenge. Common problems that face China’s metal fabrication industry include a lack of standardized communication interfaces, low level intelligence in existing equipment, and low level o...
  • Мониторинг нефтяных скважин в реальном масштабе времени с iRTU

    Case Studies Advantech | 3.27.2019
    На фоне бурного развития информационных технологий широкую популярность в бизнесе и на производстве получили вычислительные, управленческие и сетевые коммуникационные технологии.
  • SPS IPC Drives 2018 - How to Realize the Digital Transformation of the Factories

    Video 3.26.2019
    COLLECT ➡️ CONNECT ➡️ COMPUTE ➡️ CREATE Learn how Advantech can easily realize the Digital Transformation in your factory.
  • The automotive sector will drive the demand for 5G

    Industry Focus 3.25.2019
    An article by Michele Mackenzie, Principal Analyst, Research at Analysys Mason. “5G has been the subject of significant hype in relation to IoT, but deployments for some use cases are now closer to being launched; the automotive sector is well-placed to benefit from 5G technology.” Analysys Mason fo...
  • InnoWorks - Academia Program

    Events 3.10.2019
    Advantech launch global program - InnoWorks, dedicated for students who are interested in learning real IoT. Using the WISE PaaS Cloud Platform participants will be able to compete with the teams from other countries, when creating industrial applications.
  • Advantech Modular Data Collection Gateway, WISE-710, Advantech(EN)

    Video 3.10.2019
    360 video for WISE-710: FreeScale i.MX 6 DualLite Industrial Protocol Gateway with 2GbE, 3 x COM, 4DI/4DO, 1 x Micro USB, 1 x Micro SD Slot
  • Why Security is Becoming More Important

    WhitePaper 3.10.2019
    In the IoT world, the number of devices being connected to networks is growing. However, there is a tradeoff that must be considered when seeking to connect everything together. In this case, the tradeoff is between connectivity and security.
  • Advantech’s UNO-2000 Embedded Hardware Solution for Data Management

    Case Studies Advantech | 2.26.2019
    This customer is a manufacturer of automotive parts with around-the-clock operations. In need of assistance for tracking the production status and main alarms for two large stamping presses at their plant, they approached a software house system integrator that develops industrial IoT applications.
  • True Zero Client Solution and Cybersecurity: Get Ready for Smart and Digital Automation

    Video 2.24.2019
    Digitalization of the factory, Smart Manufacturing, Cybersecurity, True Zero Client...Still lost on new Industry 4.0 keywords? Find your answers in this video!
  • 18th ICT & Infrastructure World Symposium

    Events 2.24.2019
    18th ICT & Infrastructure World Symposium - Advantech as a partner.
  • Co-creating the Future of IoT

    Video 2.18.2019
    Advantech has created a working model in order to bring the best domain focus knowledge and technologies to the customer by setting up a dedicated partner network. We call it Co-Creation. At SPS our partners showcased their expertise across multiple domains in a dedicated partner solutions area on o...
  • Robomaticon - powered by Advantech

    Events 2.18.2019
    Advantech become a partner in Robomaticon 2019. Robots fights tournament orgnized by Politechnika Warszawska - one of the biggest technology universities in Warsaw, Poland.
  • Industry Tech 2019 - Forum Nowoczesnej Produkcji

    Events 2.18.2019
    Advantech become a partner of Industry Tech 20
  • Modular Panel Platform Provides Flexibility

    Case Studies casestudy-KC-IA-022019-AEU-ModularTPC | 2.17.2019
    When the Box PC can plug into the display as a module, users can replace or upgrade either the Box PC for the display instead of the entire Box PC/display unit.
  • SPS IPC Drives Italia 2019 - Italian - 28-30 maggio 2019

    Events 2.12.2019
    SPS IPC Drives Italy 2019: Advantech presenta soluzioni Industrial IoT e le Solution Ready Packages per realizzare la trasformazione digitale nell'industria manifatturiera.
  • Advantech Global Certified Partner Network

    Video 2.11.2019
    Since 1983, Advantech has formed strong and lasting partnerships with many well-established channel partners to deliver prompt and reliable local services for our customers. Currently Advantech has over 600 partners in more than 70 countries worldwide to provide certified services and products anyti...
  • Accurate Predictive Maintenance System for World Leading Screw and Nut Manufacturer

    Case Studies Advantech | 2.5.2019
    This global leader in screw manufacturing partnered with Advantech to create a predictive maintenance system for screw forming machines. With a production capacity of 6.6 billion nuts per year, the company depends highly on automated manufacturing equipment. As such, the risk of considerable losses...
  • Advantech Shop Floor Control Room solution @ SPS 2018

    Video 2.4.2019
    In the IoT era digitalization and interoperability are driving customers improving their production processes capability. Real-time data coming from production need to be immediately available on the shop floor to let managers take quick decisions, which definitely means faster time to market.
  • Edge Device-to-Cloud, the Future of IoT

    Industry Focus 1.28.2019
    Advantech's device-to-cloud solution realizes the possibility for edge devices to pass equipment and environmental data to cloud platforms directly. They also enable the utilization of cloud platform tools to perform statistical analysis and visualization of data, so that users can understand the st...
  • Advantech 4C demo - OEE Overall Equipment Efficiency (EN_sub)

    Video 1.22.2019
    COLLECT - CONNECT - COMPUTE - CREATE Here are the four phases of IIoT made real in the amazing OEE demo brought at SPS - the four phases of the IIoT (as defined by IHS Markit) with innovation occurring at every phase can create challenges and opportunities. Advantech can help the manufacturers and s...
  • SPS IPC Drives 2018: Advantech showcases the latest Industrial IoT Solutions

    Video 1.22.2019
    Advantech showcased its latest solution-ready packages (SRP) technologies and industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions co-created with our partners at the SPS IPC Drives exhibition held in Nuremberg, Germany, from November 27 to 29, 2018.
  • 2018-2019 Advantech Corp Video (EN)

    Video 1.22.2019
    Advantech is transforming from a hardware provider to a service provider and we are actively engaged in Co-Creating domain focused solutions with partners from various industries. Advantech’s proficiency with cloud data processing and application development, coupled with partner expertise, forms a...
  • Advantech WISE-PaaS Industrial IoT Cloud Platform

    Video 1.22.2019
    During SPS Germany 2018, Advantech presented for the first time in Europe the new features for WISE-PaaS 3.0 and shared a number of IoT solution ready packages (SRPs), based on WISE-PaaS, developed with numerous co-creation partners. Watch this video where our colleague Daniel Sun, WISE-PaaS and Clo...
  • Коммуникационные платы последовательных интерфейсов

    Коммуникационные платы последовательных интерфейсов Advantech, сертифицированные в соответствии с промышленными стандартами, предназначены для работы в рамках полевых систем и эффективного подключения различных периферийных устройств на базе последовательных коммуникационных интерфейсов RS-232/422/485. Каждая ...
  • Управляемые промышленные Ethernet-коммутаторы с функцией резервирования

    Промышленные управляемые Ethernet-коммутаторы Advantech серии EKI-7000 позволяют пользователям быстро и недорого расширять свои промышленные сети. Эти коммутаторы промышленного класса отличаются надежной конструкцией, обеспечивающей прочность и стабильность работы. Кроме того, благодаря поддержке технологии резервирования ...
  • Неуправляемые промышленные Ethernet-коммутаторы

    Неуправляемые промышленные Ethernet-коммутаторы разработаны специально для применения в сложных промышленных условиях и предлагают не только непревзойденную производительность и высокую надежность, но и приемлемую стоимость. Коммутаторы не требуют какой-либо настройки, они полностью готовы к работе поскольку работают в ...
  • Панели оператора

    Панели оператора WebOP-2000T от Advantech используют процессоры с RISC-архитектурой и WebAccess/HMI, а также поддерживают более 450 промышленных коммуникационных протоколов ПЛК.
  • Промышленные мониторы

    Промышленные мониторы от Advantech с емкостными сенсорными экранами и резистивными сенсорными экранами способны работать в широком диапазоне температур и представляют собой промышленные светодиодные экраны со светодиодной подсветкой и рамкой, обеспечивающий высокую степень защиты (IP).
  • Встраиваемый промышленный компьютер автоматизации для настенного монтажа, серия UNO-3000

    Компьютеры серии UNO-3000 представляют собой промышленные ПК для монтажа на стену со слотами расширения PCI или PCIe. Эти встраиваемые компьютеры автоматизации предлагают различные варианты вычислительной мощности, а слоты расширения PCI позволяют добавлять любые модули ввода/вывода сторонних производителей
  • Модули удаленного ввода/вывода повышенной надежности

    Модули ввода/вывода серии ADAM-4100 являются компактным и универсальным интерфейсным блоком между датчиком и компьютером. Они разработаны специально для безотказной работы в жестких условиях эксплуатации, благодаря чему могут успешно работать при температуре окружающей среды от -40 до 85°C, с широким диапазоном напряжений ...