"From society and for society" is the actual embodiment of Advantech's altruistic concept. We actively join in social welfare activities and invest a lot of money, material and labor in awarding resources to cultural welfare groups. We hope the strengths of our company and our employees and their families can serve as modest inspiration, as we pursue philanthropic projects and make maximum use of the limited resources.

Caring Scholarship for Remote Areas of Taiwan

The strength of education is a nation’s most competitive soft power. The Advantech Foundation has made substantial investments into education development. Regarding basic education, because many economically disadvantaged children living in remote areas of Taiwan still do not receive sufficient education, over 10 years ago, CEO KC’s wife, with the assistance of volunteers in Miaoli, personally sponsored several children with their school tuition fees. In 2012, the Advantech Foundation joined the Chu-Miao Rural Area Caring Scholarship project to assist schools located in remote and economically disadvantaged areas of Hsinchu and Miaoli. After establishing regulations for the scholarship program, the schools formulated an Evaluation Committee to select outstanding, hard-working students for the scholarship and ensure the funds are used to cover miscellaneous fees and extracurricular activities. In 2017, 1,470 children from 30 schools were awarded a scholarship sponsored by the Advantech Foundation. We hope that the recipients of these scholarships study diligently, create a virtuous cycle, and develop the conviction to express gratitude and give back to society. Thus, the power of love can be magnified and continuously sustained.