Advantech cooperates with professors from highly reputable business schools and university management schools in Taiwan on important management issues through the EACC (Enterprise-Academy Cross-over Collaboration) program. To facilitate this, on one hand, Advantech contributes to academia through its sophisticated corporate initiatives and practical strategies accumulated over the years. On the other hand, using theories as cornerstones, professors and student teams brainstorm strategic ideas for important business management insights; assisting businesses to improve management efficiency.

Over the years, through Advantech’s EACC research programs, various management issues have been addressed, such as global management, supply chain management, online marketing, innovative growth strategy, service design, and several more. With the intention that other companies can also benefit from this program, Advantech continues to support the National Taiwan University, National Chengchi University, and many other universities in case writing and teaching. Corporate interviews conducted by professors, as well as market research, case studies, and workshops, will help companies to make business diagnosis and develop better strategies, as well as nurturing Taiwanese university professors’ capabilities in writing case studies and conveying them in classes.