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SPb region railway automation diagnostics and monitoring system

Application Name – SPb region railway automation diagnostics and monitoring system
Market – Transportation
Place – Saint-Petersburg region, Russia


Modern railroads are the source of increased danger. There are a lot of devices making them safe, reliable and uninterruptable working. At first, the task of overwatching for these devices was assigned to a human, but the increasing flow of information required solving this problem in modern way.


The railway automation diagnostics and monitoring system made a new step in making them safe. It provided:
- Collection and aggregation of primary sensors information
- Automatic registration of state or parameter change at railroad safety equipment
- Graphical representation of safety equipment states, rail and power supply condition
- Automatic testing, calibration and fault prediction.


The system consists of three levels.
Stage level collects the real time data from field equipment, preprocesses it and streams to the nearest Distance monitoring center.
Distance level serves the inter-station railroads, consisting of several stages, provides storage, analysis, traffic control and incident response.
Regional level joins the data from the system of whole region for complex data analysis and passing data for railroad central office.

Main element of the system is the Stage diagnosis post. It is built in IPC-610 chassis with PCA-6114P7 backplane. During system development, PCA-6168 and PCA-6178 were used, now PCA-6010 is widespread. Software is built for QNX 4.25 real time operating system.
For stage communication are mostly used: PCL-745, PCL-846, PCL-741 and PCI-1611 for RS-422/485 and “current loop” and PCL-841 and PCI-1680 for CAN bus.


For now – more than 1000 diagnosis posts are installed throughout North-Western Russia. Among the benefits it provided were:

• Systems provides personnel with up-to-date and reliable information
• System is capable of storing a 30-day thorough archive of events
• It can send the aggregated data to higher level systems in fully automatic mode
• It helps the personnel to keep the railroad transportation reliable and safe

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RBU  ARU Marcom Name Tamara Medvedeva Date  24.06.2014
 Story Provider Name JSC KIT Email Address Sergey Grigoriev
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