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Kazan subway utility and power control system

Application Name – Kazan subway utility and power control system

Market – Transportation, energy

Place – Kazan, Russia


First line of Kazan subway was opened in July 2005, at 1000 anniversary of the city.
Control of the system is made from the united center which is represented as hardware and software redundant integrated complex.
It consists of:
- Traffic and safety control system
- Power and Utility control system
- Rolling stock condition control system
- United time control system
- Access, security and power protection control center
- Fare collection system
In this story we will tell about power and utility control system of Kazan subway.


Kazan subway is powered from a city power network with a three-phase alternating current with frequency 50 Hz and voltage 6 kV. Connection is made through Traction power substation. Each is connected to city network with two or three links. Process of power control includes the transmission of electric energy with conversion of voltage level and type of a current and distribution between various consumers.
Utility control includes:
- Tunnel and station ventilation to keep up with sanitary regulations
- Pumping of subterranean and rain water and sewage to the city water networks
- Supply of water for drinking, household needs and fire protection
- Water and air heating
- Light control for tunnels, platforms and stations lobbies.
Each system has three control modes – local, central remote and station remote.


   Dispatcher’s workstations are based on industrial PC IPC-510-SYS2 with PCA-6168 CPU boards. Also it contains redundant servers for data exchange and storage.
Central control room is connected to all line stations via dual redundant optical ring. Each station control room contains two IPC-510BP-30Z with PCA-6186E2-00A1,
one of them is controlling the system, and other is hot standby.
   Field control boxes contain ADAM-5510E/TCP controllers. Analog signals are entered via ADAM-3014 signal normalizers. Digital signals are entered via ADAM-5051S and ADAM-5055S boards.
Ethernet is commutated via EDG-6520-B and EDG-6528 switches.
   Field interface boxes are based on ADAM-4572-A and ADAM-4520-D data gateways, and all control boxes are connected to the optical backbone via ADAM-6541-A.
All workstations are working under Windows 2000 Pro and Windows 2000 Server with Genesis32 SCADA system by Iconics.



System installation was made in a very short time. Among the benefits it provided were:

• Vast number of automated control scenarios
• Safety and security control for public transportation
• System stability and expandability
• Ease of control for geographically distributed system
• Incident traceability due to enhanced logging system

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